Sunday, July 24, 2011

Iron Mermaiden

Hi Guys! :)

I planned to post a new design on every weekend, but life is not that easy... Im not feeling well, for a few days/weeks so I have to see the doctor tomorrow... Im so afraid! :/ But this blog is not about me, its about nails and nail polishes and everything. :)

Let me introduce my first Catrice nail lacquer, the 490 Iron Mermaiden. I fell in love first, but now, I still dont know what to feel about this colour.

 In the bottle... AMAZING! But on my nails... For me its too iron-ish. But I cant say anything, its in the name, I should have known it... :)

So I would like to know your opinion about this nail polish. Can you imagine this alone, or with some other colours or shapes, rhinestones? :) Tell me what do you think about my new Iron Mermaiden! :)

To make your answer easier, there are more pictures:

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