Sunday, October 2, 2011

Green cracking

Hello lovelies!

I'm just stopping by, to show you my new favourite combination of a simple and a cracking nail polish. 
Both are green and I love green!!! :) This combination reminds me of snakeskin or something like that...

I hope you like it!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Simple pink flowers

Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing great out there, Im reading your blogs and watching your youtube channels every day, bur for some reason I wasn't inspired enough to show you something nice. But maybe today...

Yesterday my best friend was invited to a fancy Bday party, so she let me do her nails. Its a pretty big thing, couse she hates nail polishes, if she has something on her nails, she starts to scratch it immediately, she sais "her nails can't breath". :)  So it was a huge honour that she let me make her mani for the party!!! :)

But after all she is the girliest girl I've ever met! She loves make up and hairdressing (actually she cut my hair last time) so we decided together she needs something pink, and somethink simple but girly. I think that was the perfect mani for her, I'm so proud!! :) Simple, girly, pink, but still something more that she've ever worn. 

Let me know what do you think!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vintage Rose Nail Art from "Cutepolish"

Hi guys!

First of all I have tons of thoughts in my head, just I dont have time to write them down... :) But now I'm so excited, so I have to share this with all of you!

I'm going to make az "inspiration post" later about blogs and YouTube channels that inspires me. But maybe my main inspiration is Cutepolish's YouTube channel. She makes really nice and easy nail arts and one of them is my favorite. 

I've planned to try her "Vintage Rose Nail Art" but I looked for the right colours and to tell the true, I was afraid to start, I didn't want to fail... But I'm proud of the finish look, so I'm brave enough to show you guys! :)

Here it is:

I've changed only one thing, I don't know if you can see through the pictures. I applied a matt top coat after the base colour (mint green or light torquise, or whatever... :D) For some reason It looks more "vintage" for me. 

Product I've used:
  • Miss Sporty  French Manicure base coat
  • Essence Matt top coat
  • Essence 73 Replay (base colour)
  • Oriflame 20782 Nude Pink (roses)
  • Clan Color red nail art striper (petals)
  • Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Turquise (for the leafs - you can see this nail polish in my other post, unfortunately I don't now the exact number or name)

Check Cutepolish if you would like, she is amazing! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Iron Mermaiden

Hi Guys! :)

I planned to post a new design on every weekend, but life is not that easy... Im not feeling well, for a few days/weeks so I have to see the doctor tomorrow... Im so afraid! :/ But this blog is not about me, its about nails and nail polishes and everything. :)

Let me introduce my first Catrice nail lacquer, the 490 Iron Mermaiden. I fell in love first, but now, I still dont know what to feel about this colour.

 In the bottle... AMAZING! But on my nails... For me its too iron-ish. But I cant say anything, its in the name, I should have known it... :)

So I would like to know your opinion about this nail polish. Can you imagine this alone, or with some other colours or shapes, rhinestones? :) Tell me what do you think about my new Iron Mermaiden! :)

To make your answer easier, there are more pictures:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Turquoise leafs

Hi guys!

I was so excited all week. Every day I came up with a new design, colors and shapes swirled in my head. But I had a very tough week at work too so I knew I only have time for my nails at the weekend.
Finally on Friday I bought a few new things: a turquoise and a coral(ish) nail polish, a nail file and some stickers (with the same color like the nail polishes). I found out that I will use them to do some fun summery mani.

As you can see, the polishes from miss sporty, Clubbing Colors collections (304 - coral, 346 - turquoise) I love these colors mostly the coral one. In the pictures it looks like a bright red, but there's some pink coral in it...

So, I was so so happy with the new stuff, I loved everything until I wanted to use them... Tha nail polishes was amazing (!!!) Bright colors, extreamly big and flat brush, easy to apply... But the silly stickers... Arww...
I think I wasted 3 or 4 when it was just enough and I took my old white ones... I could't take them from the plastic, and when I tried harder, they just broke... I dont know what to do with these stickers... I love the colors and the shapes, but I cant use them...Any idea what can I do?! :/

So finally I applied two coats of the coral color and I used one white sticker on every finger. It was too simple so I putted 2 turquoise dots next to the flowers and using a bobby pin I drew a line from the center outward... (or something like that...) It is really strange from close :) , but actually it looks like a nice leaf next to the flower. (I think) 
I have a nice green polish too, but I really wanted to use these colors together, I think they are amazing together! :)

It is sooo so simple, waiting for the polish to dry was actually more time than doing the "design". I think I overthought this weekend's mani becouse I wanted too much and I had to remove the previous one... It was horrible.. So I thougt Im just doing a simple nice one, and this is much better than the other one with dots and flowers and everythik... Next time Im not gonne start painting my nails just when I have the desing in my head... If I want to be spontaneous... well, it's just  not a good idea! :)

I hope you liked it. I ordered some dotting tool from eBay so I hope its coming soon and I can use them next time!

Have a nice weekend and take care...


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lets get started!

Hi Guys!

I'm Ree and I started this blog becouse nail design is my passin for a long time... Although I'm a true beginner, I would like to share with you my ideas and so...

First of all I bought a nice yellow nail polish a few days ago and I really wanted to try it out. The problem was the colour is pretty pale, and I had to make it work somehow...

I have 3 bottles of black, so OK... lets make something wiht yellow and black... But yellow and black is so.. hmm... bee-style. It could have been funny and nice, but I didnt want to make just yellow basic with black stripes... Nexd idea?!

Yellow is too pale, so i have to cover maybe the half of it... hmm and maybe with sime stripes too...

Hmm, but its still too simple... maybe with sime flowers?

Yes! That's it! :) Its so easy and nice. Unfortunately I forgot to make pics about the method, but if you would like to, I can do it again.

So. It's nice to see you here, please comment if you would like to and tell me what do you think about my ideas!