Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vintage Rose Nail Art from "Cutepolish"

Hi guys!

First of all I have tons of thoughts in my head, just I dont have time to write them down... :) But now I'm so excited, so I have to share this with all of you!

I'm going to make az "inspiration post" later about blogs and YouTube channels that inspires me. But maybe my main inspiration is Cutepolish's YouTube channel. She makes really nice and easy nail arts and one of them is my favorite. 

I've planned to try her "Vintage Rose Nail Art" but I looked for the right colours and to tell the true, I was afraid to start, I didn't want to fail... But I'm proud of the finish look, so I'm brave enough to show you guys! :)

Here it is:

I've changed only one thing, I don't know if you can see through the pictures. I applied a matt top coat after the base colour (mint green or light torquise, or whatever... :D) For some reason It looks more "vintage" for me. 

Product I've used:
  • Miss Sporty  French Manicure base coat
  • Essence Matt top coat
  • Essence 73 Replay (base colour)
  • Oriflame 20782 Nude Pink (roses)
  • Clan Color red nail art striper (petals)
  • Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Turquise (for the leafs - you can see this nail polish in my other post, unfortunately I don't now the exact number or name)

Check Cutepolish if you would like, she is amazing! :)