Sunday, July 24, 2011

Iron Mermaiden

Hi Guys! :)

I planned to post a new design on every weekend, but life is not that easy... Im not feeling well, for a few days/weeks so I have to see the doctor tomorrow... Im so afraid! :/ But this blog is not about me, its about nails and nail polishes and everything. :)

Let me introduce my first Catrice nail lacquer, the 490 Iron Mermaiden. I fell in love first, but now, I still dont know what to feel about this colour.

 In the bottle... AMAZING! But on my nails... For me its too iron-ish. But I cant say anything, its in the name, I should have known it... :)

So I would like to know your opinion about this nail polish. Can you imagine this alone, or with some other colours or shapes, rhinestones? :) Tell me what do you think about my new Iron Mermaiden! :)

To make your answer easier, there are more pictures:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Turquoise leafs

Hi guys!

I was so excited all week. Every day I came up with a new design, colors and shapes swirled in my head. But I had a very tough week at work too so I knew I only have time for my nails at the weekend.
Finally on Friday I bought a few new things: a turquoise and a coral(ish) nail polish, a nail file and some stickers (with the same color like the nail polishes). I found out that I will use them to do some fun summery mani.

As you can see, the polishes from miss sporty, Clubbing Colors collections (304 - coral, 346 - turquoise) I love these colors mostly the coral one. In the pictures it looks like a bright red, but there's some pink coral in it...

So, I was so so happy with the new stuff, I loved everything until I wanted to use them... Tha nail polishes was amazing (!!!) Bright colors, extreamly big and flat brush, easy to apply... But the silly stickers... Arww...
I think I wasted 3 or 4 when it was just enough and I took my old white ones... I could't take them from the plastic, and when I tried harder, they just broke... I dont know what to do with these stickers... I love the colors and the shapes, but I cant use them...Any idea what can I do?! :/

So finally I applied two coats of the coral color and I used one white sticker on every finger. It was too simple so I putted 2 turquoise dots next to the flowers and using a bobby pin I drew a line from the center outward... (or something like that...) It is really strange from close :) , but actually it looks like a nice leaf next to the flower. (I think) 
I have a nice green polish too, but I really wanted to use these colors together, I think they are amazing together! :)

It is sooo so simple, waiting for the polish to dry was actually more time than doing the "design". I think I overthought this weekend's mani becouse I wanted too much and I had to remove the previous one... It was horrible.. So I thougt Im just doing a simple nice one, and this is much better than the other one with dots and flowers and everythik... Next time Im not gonne start painting my nails just when I have the desing in my head... If I want to be spontaneous... well, it's just  not a good idea! :)

I hope you liked it. I ordered some dotting tool from eBay so I hope its coming soon and I can use them next time!

Have a nice weekend and take care...


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lets get started!

Hi Guys!

I'm Ree and I started this blog becouse nail design is my passin for a long time... Although I'm a true beginner, I would like to share with you my ideas and so...

First of all I bought a nice yellow nail polish a few days ago and I really wanted to try it out. The problem was the colour is pretty pale, and I had to make it work somehow...

I have 3 bottles of black, so OK... lets make something wiht yellow and black... But yellow and black is so.. hmm... bee-style. It could have been funny and nice, but I didnt want to make just yellow basic with black stripes... Nexd idea?!

Yellow is too pale, so i have to cover maybe the half of it... hmm and maybe with sime stripes too...

Hmm, but its still too simple... maybe with sime flowers?

Yes! That's it! :) Its so easy and nice. Unfortunately I forgot to make pics about the method, but if you would like to, I can do it again.

So. It's nice to see you here, please comment if you would like to and tell me what do you think about my ideas!